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About Kester Clear Environmental Solutions

About Kester Clear Environmental Solutions

KCES, a Seattle, WA., company, is well known in the industry for their superior expertise in Mold and Mycotoxin assessments in both residential and commercial settings. What sets us apart from traditional mold inspectors is our positive relationship with local healthcare practitioners and testing laboratories in order to fully understand the biochemical effect of Toxic Mold and Mycotoxin on our clients. KCES has pioneered a new standard in the field of Mold Assessments. Our patented technique (Pending) has paved a new safe and cost effective way to test Mycotoxin and other airborne contaminates that the latest scientific research has proven to be harmful to humans. With KCES, our clients can count on an assessment that utilizes the latest technology and give you the peace of mind that you will not be charged for outdated air-traps and other tests that often produce unreliable results.

A Kester Clear™ assessed home is a safer home.

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Nina C. - Maui, Hawai’i

Jason Kester is THE expert for issues of toxic mold and mycotoxins in your home or workplace. He told me how to have my home tested with the most accurate lab in the U.S. Jason manages the remediation so you and your family or employees can have your health back. In my case he gave me the hard facts about my home. Being that I was renting, I was able to begin the hunt for a new home.

Eric L. - Bremerton, WA

KCES was great to work with. They know more about toxic mold and mycotoxins in your home or workplace than anyone I have ever met.They tested my house that is over 50-years old using a variety of methods to ensure he was getting the most accurate results. Besides testing the house for toxic mold and mycotoxins, he gave us recommendations on what we could do to eliminate them from our house.

John P. - Southern Oregon

KCES inspected our home and discovered multiple areas that required immediate remediation. Along with the inspection, KCMI collected and submitted an environmental mycotoxin sample to RealTime Laboratories. Using the inspection results a detailed plan was put in place.

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